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The Logon process checks your identity and makes sure you have permission to access this application. There are Quick Links on the left side of the page to help you if you forgot your User ID or Password, or to let you sign up if you don't already have a User ID.


  • You can use the same User ID and Password for most Texas Workforce Internet applications. If you already have a User ID for one of these applications and want to use it for this one too, then logon using that User ID and Password. You may be asked for additional information.
  • If you enter the wrong User ID or Password twice on the same day, you'll be taken to the Forgot Password page.
  • If you enter the wrong User ID or Password three times on the same day, you will not be able to try again, and will need to follow the instructions that will be provided to reset your Password before you can logon.
  • Your Password will need to be changed periodically - every 180 days (approximately 6 months).
  • If your Password is expired, you'll be taken to the Change Password page. You can access the application as soon as you change your Password.
  • If you try to logon but receive the message ("The system has logged you off. Please logon again to access the requested page."), ensure that the Content Advisor on Internet Explorer version 8 or higher is disabled. You can check the Content Advisor setting or change it by following these steps: On the browser, select Tools. Select Internet Options. Select Content. When the Content Advisor is disabled, the Enable button displays. When the Content Advisor is enabled, the Disable button displays. To change the setting, select the button that displays (Enable or Disable). If prompted, enter the password. Select OK to close the Internet Options window. Close the browser, reopen it and try to logon again.

Form Fields

User ID
Required. Sometimes known as your screen name or logon ID, this is how the system will recognize you. Must have 3 to 32 characters. Cannot include spaces.
Required. Secret access code that you create and use to logon. Make your Password something you can remember but others can't guess. If you do forget your Password, use the Forgot Password link under Quick Links.

Must have 6 to 32 characters, including at least 1 letter and 1 number. Can include spaces and special characters. Case sensitive. Displays as asterisks (*) to protect your privacy.


Submits your User ID and Password for verification and takes you to the next page.

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