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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information Who Can or Cannot Register Online Information Required to Register

General Information

Is the Unemployment Tax Registration system compatible with all browsers and browser versions?

This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 6.1 and higher and Firefox 2.x. Other browsers or versions may work, but they have not been tested with this site.

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I was logged out while I was completing the registration. What happened to the registration?

For security reasons, there is a 30-minute time limit on each individual web page. If you take longer on a single page, you will be logged out. The information from each web page is saved when you click the Next button. To continue with the registration, logon again and select the Resume link to the right of the registration.

Incomplete registrations are available for 1 year.

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After I clicked the Next button, I realized I made an error on the previous page. How do I make corrections?

Once you click the Next button at the bottom of any page, information that you entered on that page is saved. On most pages, you can click the Previous button to return to the page you just completed. You will be able to review all of the entered information on the Review and Finalize page and link back to any section to make updates before finalizing the registration.

Important Note: The Employment Type and Business Type cannot be changed. A new registration will be required to use a different Employment Type or Business Type.

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I finalized my registration but failed to print a copy of the Registration Summary page. How do I get a copy of the information?

To print a registration, return to the Unemployment Tax Registration Home page, select the View link to the right of the registration, and use the print function on your browser.

Incomplete and Not Liable registrations will be deleted after 1 year of inactivity. Finalized registrations are available for 4 years after the Date Finalized.

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I requested a password reset but never received an email message from TWC informing me of my temporary password. What can I do?

Ensure that your email address is correct. The email address that you supplied, when creating your User Profile in the Unemployment Tax Registration system, is used by TWC when you need to retrieve a password or User ID.

If your email system uses a Spam-Blocker or other utility that monitors email, you need to add to your email Contacts or Address Book. This allows emails sent from this address to be accepted.

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Who Can or Cannot Register Online

Who can use Unemployment Tax Registration?

If you meet at least one of the following criteria, you are liable for state unemployment tax and can register using Unemployment Tax Registration.

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Who cannot use Unemployment Tax Registration?

You cannot register online if you meet any of the following criteria:

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Where can I get help completing the forms if I am unable to register online?

TWC Tax Accounts Representatives are available to help with questions you may have. Offices are located throughout the state. A listing of the local tax offices is available on the TWC web site. Registrants located outside Texas can call (512) 463-2731.

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Information Required to Register

What information do I need to register?

All of the information below is required to complete the process and must be entered, so you should have it all on hand before starting. You may want to print this page before beginning the registration process.

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