Unemployment Benefits Estimator

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You can estimate your potential benefit amount before applying for benefits. The estimator cannot tell you whether you are qualified to receive benefits.

Wage Amounts

If you apply for benefits between today and Sep 30, 2017, your unemployment benefits will be based on all wages from all employers you worked for between Apr 01, 2016 and Mar 31, 2017.
Use pay stubs and/or W2 forms to determine your wages. Include wages paid for work performed in another state, for the federal government, and for the military.
Enter your Wages and select the Pay Period for each Calendar Quarter. Enter amounts earned before withholding (gross pay). If you did not receive wages during a quarter, enter zero for that quarter. The estimator assumes a 40-hour work week. If you worked part-time, estimate your monthly or quarterly wages.

 Calendar Quarter Wages
(Example: $1,007.25)
Pay Period
   Jan 01, 2017 through Mar 31, 2017
   Oct 01, 2016 through Dec 31, 2016
   Jul 01, 2016 through Sep 30, 2016
   Apr 01, 2016 through Jun 30, 2016