Notice of Unemployment Benefits Appeal

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To contact TWC for any other reason, see: Contact Information

Continue to request payment every two weeks while waiting on your appeal, unless you return to full-time work. Let us know right away if you change your mailing address. To change or verify your address, go to and select Contact information.

See How to Appeal a Decision, or read the document(s) you received from TWC for more information about the unemployment benefits appeals process.

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Claimant's Information

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Appeal Details

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Note: If you are not the claimant, provide your name.
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Caution: If you submit an appeal before TWC mailed the determination or decision, it will not be accepted.

Date of Letter You Are Appealing:

Was a hearing scheduled with the Appeal Tribunal or Commission Appeals?
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Did you participate in the hearing?

Describe your reason for appealing. If you are submitting the appeal late or you did not attend a hearing, include an explanation about why your appeal is late or you did not attend. Also include any dates or times when you cannot participate in a hearing.

Caution: Your appeal IS NOT COMPLETE until you submit it and receive a confirmation number.