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Unemployment Benefits

The money for Unemployment Benefits comes from taxes the employers pay to the state and federal governments. The law does not allow employers to deduct money from your paycheck to pay for Unemployment Benefits.
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Once your application for Unemployment Benefits is submitted, TWC will investigate the reason you are no longer working. If TWC determines that you were not fired for misconduct connected with your work or you quit your job for a work-related or medical reason, you may be eligible for Unemployment Benefits. TWC will notify you by mail of any decisions.
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After you complete your application for Unemployment Benefits, allow a few days before calling a TWC Tele-Center for specific information about your claim application.
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You may be required to register for work at a state employment service office to remain eligible for Unemployment Benefits. If you are living in Texas, you can register for work in-person at a Texas workforce center or over the Internet at Registering for work is separate and distinct from submitting an application for Unemployment Benefits. If you are living outside of Texas, you can register with your local employment service office.
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If you qualify for benefits, TWC will deposit benefit payments to your TWC debit card account unless you sign up for direct deposit. To sign up for direct deposit, or to change your payment option: TWC will mail you instructions that tell you how to request payment every two weeks by logging on to Unemployment Benefits Services (select My Home and use the Payment Request Quick Link) or calling Tele-Serv.
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  1. Register for work, as directed, within three business days of the date you submitted your application for Unemployment Benefits.
  2. Look for full-time work each week.
  3. Keep a detailed log of your work search activities and submit it immediately when requested.
  4. Request payments by logging in to the Internet Unemployment Benefits Services and selecting Payment Request or calling Tele-Serv.
  5. Read all information mailed to you by TWC or your workforce center.
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Please call a TWC Tele-Center to reset your PIN.
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  • If you are self-employed, report your profits. This is the net amount you make above your expenses. If you worked but do not have profits to report, indicate the number of hours worked and report zero dollars ($0) earned.
  • If you earned commissions, enter the total of commissions AND any earnings in Pay Rate and select Commission/Other from the drop-down box on the right. If you worked but do not have commissions to report, indicate the number of hours worked and report zero dollars ($0) earned.
  • Report all earnings for the week in which you earn them, not when the employer pays you.
  • Report your total earnings before deductions (gross pay), not your "take home" pay.
  • You can adjust the estimated amount after your employer pays you if necessary by calling a TWC Tele-Center.
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Proof of Wages and/or Work are documents that you must provide to close a disqualification. You may substitute any of the documents listed below only if your name, Social Security Number and the employer's name, address, and phone number are on the documents:
  • Check stubs
  • An employer letter with:
    • Name and Social Security Number
    • Beginning date of employment
    • Ending date of employment (if applicable)
    • The employer's name, address and telephone number
    • The total amount of wages earned
  • W-2 Forms (You must be able to identify the specific time frame covered by the W-2)
  • 1099 Forms (You must be able to identify the specific time frame covered by the W-2)
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For other Frequently Asked Questions about Unemployment Insurance, visit Unemployment Insurance Benefits Information.

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