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 WIA Eligible Training Provider System  
Texas' Eligible Training Provider System
Certification Process
Applying for Certification
For detailed information regarding the training provider certification process, click on the links provided below.

ETPS Overview
Training Provider Users Guide
Information that may be needed when creating an Initial Application
Initial Eligibility Application Instructions
Commission Rules on WIOA
Workforce Development Letters

Provider Accountability
For detailed information regarding training provider performance and reporting requirements, click on the links provided below.

Performance & Reporting Requirements
UI Wage Match Service

Local Workforce Development Board Information
For information about a Local Workforce Development Board, or to obtain contact information, click on the appropriate link below.

Board's Eligible Training Provider Contacts
Board Web Sites

Requesting Log-On Access

Logon access is required for training providers, Local Workforce Development Boards (Board) and Texas Workforce Commision (Agency) representatives to access the secured sections of the Eligible Training Provider System (ETPS).

Training Provider Access

     Training providers must have a signed, approved Provider Assurance Statement (PAS) on file with the Agency.
  • Click the PAS Directory tab to determine if an approved PAS Form is on file with the Agency.
  • If you do not have a PAS Form on file, click PAS Form to complete and submit a form for Agency review.
TWC and Local Workforce Development Boards Access
  • If you have a TWC account, click Logon to request ETPS access if you have a valid TWC account.
  • If you do not have a TWC account, click Request Account if you do not have an account for other TWC Internet application(s).
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