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Roham Medical Careers, LLP
6715 Meadowbrook Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76112
Phone Number:
(817) 795-3782
Fax Number:
(817) 795-3784
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Courses offered by this school

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Course Information Reporting Period: Sep 1, 2016 to Aug 31, 2017 Reporting Period: Sep 1, 2015 to Aug 31, 2016 Reporting Period: Sep 1, 2014 to Aug 31, 2015
Area of Study (CIP) Course Name Hours Type of Hours Course Time Cost Course Type Course Method of Delivery Course Award Annual Enrollment (1) Completion Rate (2) Employment Rate (3) Annual Enrollment (1) Completion Rate (2) Employment Rate (3) Annual Enrollment (1) Completion Rate (2) Employment Rate (3)
Nurse Aide (51.3902) Geriatric Nursing and Disorders in Late Life 24.0 Course Hours 24 $100.00 Seminar Classroom Certificate n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Nurse Aide (51.3902) Nurse Aide Training Program 100.0 Course Hours 100 $1,000.00 Program Classroom Certificate 13 100% 83.3% 10 100% 70% 7 100% 80%

Enforcement Actions against this school

All licensed career schools with vocational preparation programs must annually report to TWC on student enrollment, completion, and employment in each vocational program. TWC's Completion and Employment Rates provide common outcome measures for the approved vocational programs of licensed career schools and colleges. These rates may be different than other school graduation or employment rates used by other agencies that approve post secondary education programs operating in Texas. All certificate-level vocational programs of TWC licensed schools must meet a minimum Employment Rate of 60% or be on a corrective action plan to retain approval.
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  • "Failed to Report Timely" is shown for schools that did not complete the reporting process by the established deadline.
  • "n/a" is shown for seminars because these data are not reported at the individual seminar level.
  • "n/a" is also shown for programs that were not yet approved during that reporting period.
  • For courses reporting no (0) enrollment or with no Completers, "No Completers" is shown under Completion Rate and Employment Rate to signal that there is no completion or employment rate to report.
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